FedEmo@Lasting Technologies in Haemophilia

FedEmo@Lasting Technologies in Haemophilia

Gabriele Calizzani (Presidente FedEmo), Stefania Farace (Consigliere FedEmo) ed Enrico Ferri Grazzi e Giuseppe Mazza (gruppo DNA) a Dublino per discutere di Farmaci di lunga durata, in occasione dell’incontro Lasting Technologies in Haemophilia della Irish Haemophilia Society.

Lasting Technologies in Haemophilia
Irish Haemophilia Society

22 – 24 November 2013, Dublin

We are facing into a potentially very exciting future in relation to developments with factor concentrates. This is particularly relevant when we look at the developments in relation to the longer lasting factor concentrates. The Irish Haemophilia Society are organising a conference on Longer Lasting Technologies in Haemophilia, which will take place in Dublin from 22nd to 24th November 2013.

The conference will include an explanation of the different technologies used to prolong the effect of factor concentrates and will include discussions and workshops in relation to the impact of longer acting products on haemophilia care. The Irish Haemophilia Society is inviting a number of leading clinicians to attend the conference and also representatives from twenty of the European National Haemophilia Patient organisations.

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